What is “Moja”?

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Why Moja?  The word “moja” means “one” in Swahili, a language native to Uganda and other parts of Southeast Africa. It symbolizes that the earth and people on it are all connected.  MojaWorks believes it is time we embrace the responsibility of choices that affect others and the planet.  Because of this belief, MojaWorks gives back by matching employee charitable donations and donating one product for every 10 that we sell to Uganda and other areas in need.

Africa sparked the idea that started MojaWorks.  Working with a worldwide charity organization named Interweave Solutions, Jonathan Reid traveled to Africa to teach the people there how to start and run successful businesses in 2012.  While in Africa, Jonathan became concerned about the sanitation issues causing so much poor health.  The people there cannot afford chemicals that most people would use to clean. Jonathan knew that the western world’s approach to kill germs with harsh chemicals could never be the answer for Africa, nor was it the best answer for anyone. He decided every person should have an option to clean without dangerous chemicals and still get rid of the bacteria around them.

 Through years of research, Jonathan discovered a professional-grade microfiber cloth.  MojaFiber is different from typical microfiber because it has more fibers per inch and each individual fiber is thinner than a typical microfiber.  Most microfiber fibers are 1/100th the width of human hair, but Mojafiber is 1/200th of a human hair.  With more of these fibers per square inch, thinner fibers, and a special weave, Mojafiber lifts 99% of all bacteria into the spaces between each fiber using only water!

MojaWorks started with one specially-woven cloth with maximum microfiber density that removes 99.9% of bacteria, debri, and biofilm using only water!  To date, Jonathan and Jennifer have designed and re-engineered over 35 different products for HOME and BODY.







In Africa, Jonathan met a Ugandan woman named Ruth who built a water purification business from a charitable donation. Her business now employs 80 people. Ruth uses all profits from that venture to help her fellow Ugandans step out of poverty by issuing small loans to entrepreneurs and teaching them how to run businesses. MojaWorks strives to follow Ruth’s example by giving to charitable causes in Uganda and other locations.  As MojaWorks succeeds, our capacity to give back grows exponentially.

What is “Moja”?
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What is “Moja”?
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What is “Moja”? While in Africa, Jonathan became concerned about the sanitation issues causing so much poor health. MojaWorks

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