Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas under $25

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Happy Mother’s Day!  For an additional 20% off all MojaWorks products for the month of May, use coupon code “mojamom1”.

Check out our Mother’s Day gift ideas below!

MojaFiber Luxury Bath Towel
– Pamper your mom with the softest towel EVER!  Research shows that many dry skin and eczema problems stem from the friction between a towel and your skin after a bath or shower.  Typical towels rub necessary oils off your skin, and roughen the delicate outer cuticle on your hair.  This leaves your skin dry and your hair damaged!  Your mom will never have to worry about this with the MojaFiber bath towel. The incredibly soft and thick professional-grade microfiber absorbs so much water on contact, you will end up blotting your skin and hair dry – leaving the hair cuticle intact, and letting your skin keep all the moisture it needs.  Your Mom will love these towels!  Comes in brown, blue, or pink



2. MojaFiber Face Cloth – Think your mom is sick of chemical-heavy face-wipes but still wants an easy routine for washing off her makeup?  Buy her a 3-pack of these MojaFiber face cloths!  MojaFiber is professional-grade microfiber combined with a special weave that no other microfiber cloth has.  MojaFiber face cloths lift off dirt, make-up, germs, and excess oil with only WATER!  Your mom can throw away her expensive face wash if she wants to!  Her skin will feel clean but not stripped of what it needs. One side of the cloth is for cleansing, and the other side is to exfoliate. We all know how exfoliation is necessary for keeping our skin young.  This daily gentle exfoliation will be all she needs. No scrubs, peels, or expensive gadgets – just the MojaFiber face cloth.  It’s amazing!


 3. MojaCare Day Cream, Night Cream, or Eye Cream –      Does your mom want a paraben-free anti-aging cream that actually works?  Get her the exclusive MojaCare day cream, night cream, and eye cream.  100% All Natural anti-aging creams with copper peptide plus a copper gluconate blend exclusive to MojaCare. Tones, hydrates, and repairs skin naturally. She will feel her skin tightening up on contact, and see her wrinkles diminish over time. Removes spots from sun damage and smooths scars.  Proven to encourage cell regeneration, increase skin elasticity, and support collagen production.  Paraben-free, Cruelty-free, Fragrance-free.

 4.   Ease your mom’s worries over germs and people getting sick!  Buy her the MojaFiber Kitchen Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloth – the best and easiest way to get rid of bacteria without chemicals.  Millions of fibers per square inch lift germs off surfaces using only water!  Even if bleach or ammonia sprays kill the germs, their biofilm is still sitting on the counter.  Instead of spreading the germs around, dead or alive, why not lift them off entirely without using chemicals?  MojaFiber traps the germs inside the cloth until you rinse it out under warm water.  Give your mom the gift of germ-free counters with worry-free cleaning.  Better yet – wipe the counters for her!  




Ultimate Glass and Finish Combo5.  Do fingerprints on glass doors and mirrors drive your mom nuts?  What about removing grease and marks from stainless steel appliances?  Throw away her smelly Windex and give her the easiest way to get rid of fingerprints and grease with only water – the MojaFiber Ultimate Glass & Finish Combo.  MojaWorks created a microfiber towel with a specific weave just for mirrors, glass, and stainless steel.  Get the green towel wet with only water, then wipe your stainless steel, glass doors, and mirrors.  Finish with the dry blue cloth to completely remove any remaining streaks.  Stainless steel appliances will look like new. Give your mom a streak-free mirror plus the gift of chemical-free cleaning. 








Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas under $25
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Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas under $25
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Top 5 Mothers Day Gift Ideas under $25. MojaFiber Luxury Bath Towel – Pamper your mom with the softest towel. MojaWorks.

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