The Most Common Hair Mistake!

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You know how you wrap your hair up in a towel after you get out of the shower?  You twist your hair inside the towel, put it on top of your head, and then hopefully you have enough towel left that you can tuck in the end underneath.  But what always happens?  The towel moves as you walk around, especially if you have thick hair, or a thick towel.  Eventually the towel falls out but at least your hair is towel-dried, right?  Did you know this routine damages your hair?

Your hair is made up of proteins, and your hair cuticle is the outside layer that keeps those protein bonds strong.  Your cuticle is the armor for your hair. When your hair is wet, the cuticles swell up and separate from the hair proteins.  Conditioner helps get that armor back in place, but conditioned cuticles can still be damaged.  Pulling, stretching, or rubbing your wet hair with a towel will cause your cuticles to open again.  Have you seen your hair frizz up after you pull the towel off? Does your hair look rough instead of smooth? That’s damaged cuticles!  With your hair twisted up in a towel, hair strands catch on the towel as it moves around.  The towel rubs against your hair, sometimes pulling and stretching your hair in order to stay in the twisted towel.  Your hair gets beat up!

If you want to keep your hair strands strong, you definitely want to get as much water out of your hair as you can so that you spend less time hair drying.  Also, the more quickly you get the water out of your hair, the less time your hair is wet and the less chance for damage. But how can you towel-dry your hair without rubbing a towel against your hair?  The Moja hair turban!

MojaFiber Hair Turban

You have probably seen microfiber hair towels before.  Microfiber is far more absorbent than cotton  or any other microfiber so that means, you get more water out of your hair with our professional-grade microfiber towel than with a cotton towel.  What makes MojaFiber different?  


Because of the thick weave and how picky we are about fibers, Mojafiber is the softest microfiber towel you can find! This means, not only does Mojafiber get more water out of your hair than a typical microfiber towel ever will, it is also so soft, your hair cuticles will not be caught, stretched, or rubbed against the towel.  You get to keep your hair cuticles intact until your hair is dry and ready to face the day!  Check it out!




The Most Common Hair Mistake!
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The Most Common Hair Mistake!
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The Most Common Hair Mistake! Conditioner helps get that armor back in place, but conditioned cuticles can still be damaged. MojaWorks

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