Ultimate Glass and Finish Combo

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Watch Kathy show how easy it is to clean windows with the Ultimate Glass & Finish Combo.




Product Details

  • 1 Large MojaFiber Glass Cloth (16″x16″) and 1 Large MojaFiber Finish Cloth (15″x15″) 
  • Simply wash glass or surface with water and Glass Cloth, then wipe with Finish Cloth for ultimate clear shine
  • Lint-free, Streak-free | Clean Glass, windows & mirrors using just water! Avoid chemicals that aggravate allergies & asthma 
  • Save Money | Rinse & Re-use each Cloth 100’s of times | Machine Washable
  • Super Absorbent | 1.6 Million Fibers per Square Inch | Absorbs up to 8x own weight
  • No more amonia-based, harmful chemicals!! | Removes 99.9% of germs, mold & bacteria | Save hundreds of $$ each year in glass cleaning chemicals
  • MojaFibers are 1000 times finer than cotton fibers which gives you 40x the cleaning power | Heavy Duty Stitching
  • Environmentally Friendly | Reduce paper towel use| Save money and trees!!!

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