MojaFiber Heavy Duty / Multi-Purpose Combo Pack (1 HD Cloth / 2 Multi-Purpose)


1 Heavy Duty (HD) MojaFiber Cloth 12 x 12 inches / 2 Kitchen Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloths – Chemical Free Cleaning: Just Use Water!

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This  1- 2 punch will forever change your cleaning regimine for the best!

MojaFiber Kitchen/Multi-purpose cleaning and HD cloths represent the best MojaFiber has to offer for true, chemical- free cleaning power. Sized at 12 x 12 inches, this cleaning  3 pack will change the way you clean forever. No residual bleach or foul smelling killing chemicals. Remember, chemicals only kill bacteria, mold and germs — they do not remove their carcasses — gross! So, see for yourself what true clean looks, feels, and smells like in your home! Just use water!


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