MOJA Laundry Combo-Wool Balls/Washer Balls

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MOJAWORKS Wool Dryer Balls and Washer Balls for a great Laundry Combo

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INCLUDES – 6 Pieces of Wool Dryer Balls available in White color. 2 Washer Balls

  • Wool Balls
    • Natural Fabric Softener and reduces wrinkles in clothing
    • 100% Natural, Chemical-free alternative to liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets
    • Anti-Static. Lint-Free. Reusable, Anti-Static, Saves Drying Time, Lint-Free, Fabric Softener- White
    • Save money by using REUSABLE Wool Dryer Balls 1000+ times, can replace alternative dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners
  • Washer Balls
    • Good for up to 1,000 loads of laundry – Save $ hundreds in laundry detergent and drying time
    • 2 Ultra Clean Agitation Laundry Balls
    • Specifically Formulated to protect and restore fabrics – MojaFiber and High End Microfiber
    • Reduce Water Usage | Save Energy | Save Money | Decrease Drying Time
    • Safe for all fabrics – Eco-Friendly – Eliminate downstream nitrate and phosphate pollution

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Weight 34.0 lbs
Dimensions 23.0 × 20.0 × 16.0 in