MOJA Facial Nano Mist Sprayer (Available in Multiple Colors) With Optional Moja Nano Colloidal Copper


  • INCLUDES: One (1) Facial Nano Mist Sprayer (Available in Different Colors), (1) Small funnel for easy liquid insertion, (1) USB cable.
  • ALL-AROUND MOISTURIZING: Maintenance of the face, hair, and ALL skin types! Can be used to prevent static, lubricate the skin, eyelash extensions, moisturize, hydrate, refresh, oil control, detoxify, make the air smell good!
  • FEATURES: LED Nite Light, and a 30ml water tank: strong, fine mist spray
  • RECHARGEABLE USB PORT AND USB CABLE: Can also be used as an EMERGENCY power bank.
  • USE MORE THAN JUST WATER!: Use water to simply moisturize and hydrate your skin all day. Use Mojaworks Copper-Nano Colloidal Copper-to help heal, repair tissue, detoxify, and hydrate ALL skin types. Aloe vera/water- Soothe Sunburned skin. Use essential oils/water
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This product comes in 3 available colors, and is small enough to carry with you in a purse, your car, a drawer at home or at the office! Travel size approved!

The Moja Facial Nano Mist sprayer has a screw off, 30 ml tank on the top. You can fill the tank with purified water, some essential oils for their desired effects, Aloe Vera Water to use on sunburns, or our own Moja Nano Colloidal Copper.

Using the Nano Colloidal Copper to spray upon your pillows, eye masks, or straight to the skin of your face, can promote and support collagen and elastin production and reduce swelling!

The Mist of some products used, can allow for all-around Moisturizing of the face, hair, and ALL skin types! Mist can also be used to prevent static within your clothing, or hair! Mist can be used on eyelash extensions, as well as other parts of the body. Our Nano Mist Sprayer can also be used to make the air around you, smell better! (depending upon what YOU put into the Mister tank)

Mist is a fine, Strong, Mist. Just slide down the front panel of the Moja Facial Nano Mister to expose the mister port, and start misting! When your done, slide it back up! When in use, this Mister features an LED Nite Light when in use (indicator is for battery use, and NOT bright).

Moja Facial Nano Mister is USB rechargeable. Purchase comes with a USB Cable. Cable can be used to charge mister, OR can be used to turn the Mister into a POWER BANK! If your phone dies, and you need some extra life, this Mister can double as an emergency power bank!

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