CopperClear Cream – Best Natural Acne & Teen Skin Care Solution with Copper Peptides – Reduce Blemish & Scar Appearance – Natural Skin Treatment

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1 CopperClear Face Cream – Clear Skin Naturally – Repair & Protect

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1 CopperClear Face Cream, a natural teen skin care solution. Works for adults too! It is designed to repair, renew and protect your skin without the harsh chemicals that the FDA has recently warned against such as salycylic acid, benzyl peroxide and tetracycline. Most over the counter products fight blemishes by drying out your skin. CopperClear nourishes your skin and supercharges its defenses with natural ingredients like copper, zinc, and aloe.

THE FORMULA: CopperClear Face Cream blends two powerful copper compounds PLUS zinc & aloe into a patent-pending formula that:

– provides anti-bacterial support – naturally
– reduces redness and swelling – naturally
– helps repair damaged (and scarred) skin – naturally


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