CopperClear Acne Bundle (2 cloths/1 Cream) | Natural Teen Skin Care

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CopperClear Acne Bundle (2 cloths/1 Cream) | Best Natural Teen Skin Care | Repair; Protect Against Blemishes; Scars | No Harsh Chemicals | Dual Action Cloths – cleanse and exfoliating sides

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CopperClear – All Natural Skin Care System for Teens and Adults. It is designed to repair, renew and protect your skin without the harsh chemicals that the FDA has recently warned against like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and tetracycline. Most over the counter products fight blemishes by drying out your skin. CopperClear nourishes your skin and supercharges its defenses with natural ingredients like copper, zinc, and aloe


-Step 1. ClearCloth: Prepare your skin by removing pore-clogging oils, grime & dead skin cells with exfoliating power of ClearCloth

-Step 2. CopperClear Face Cream – Apply morning and night to repair, renew & protect – naturally

THE CLOTH: CopperClear

– Exfoliate & Cleanse

– The exfoliating action of the CopperClear Cleansing Cloth lifts, traps and absorbs pore-clogging residue

– 1.6 Million ultra-fine cleansing fibers per square inch gently exfoliate your skin without chemicals

– Properly prepares your skin to absorb and utilize CopperClear nutrients

– You’ll love the fresh, clean feeling after every wash

THE FORMULA: CopperClear Face Cream blends two powerful copper compounds PLUS zinc & aloe into a patent-pending formula that:

– provides anti-bacterial support – naturally

– reduces redness and swelling – naturally

– helps repair damaged (and scarred) skin – naturally

RECOMMENDED FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. – No Salicylic Acid – No Benzoyl Peroxide – No Tetracycline – No Fragrances – No Parabens

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