Chemical-free Cleaning That Works!

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Want to know the best way to remove germs and bacteria from your house without chemicals?  The awesome MojaFiber multi-purpose cloth – a professional-grade microfiber cloth that actually removes bacteria and keeps your counters sparkling clean!  Check this out…

Yep, that’s sticky raspberry jam on my white marble counters!  I love my white counters, but we have to re-seal them every year and they still stain fairly easy.  So, we are in the habit of wiping our counters multiple times per day.  With cotton cloths, I always felt like I was just wiping germs around, not removing them.  With many counter materials such as granite or marble, using harsh chemicals or acidic cleaners will damage the counter.  Plus, I do not want to use the dangerous chemicals anyway. So how do we get germs off our nice counters without damaging disinfectants?  Oh man, this is your answer.  You will LOVE these cloths.  Meanwhile, I’m stressing about the raspberry jam leaving a lovely pink stain on my counter, so I grab my MojaFiber Multi-purpose cloth. All you have to do is put it under running water so that the cloth gets wet.  Then…

That’s just one wipe with a little pressure, folks!  Not only is the MojaFiber picking up that gooey raspberry jam, it’s also picking up germs, bacteria, greasy fingerprints, you name it.

All Clean!  Seriously, my counters have never looked better.  Aside from super clean counters with all bacteria removed, guess what the next best part is?

The jam rinses out!  Completely!  You might have to use your fingers a little bit if your mess is really sticky or greasy, but it literally rinses out.  The MojaFibers pick up your mess and then have the unique ability to let them go.  Rinse and repeat with a clean cloth!

You can machine-wash and dry these cloths but don’t use any form of fabric softener!  Gotta keep those fibers exactly how they are.  Hands down, this will become your favorite go-to cleaning cloth.  I’m so sad when I run out of my stash.  I need to buy more so I don’t run out before I actually do laundry again!  You can buy a 3-pack of these green cloths on the MojaWorks website, or you can also buy a 2-pack that comes with a Heavy-Duty Microfiber Cloth.  Chemical-free cleaning at it’s best!  One side is MojaFiber, and one side has extra scrubbers to break down any stubborn biofilm on your surfaces.  What’s biofilm?  The National Institute of Health is frantically researching how to get rid of biofilm because it’s the cause of so many infections.  According to a recent public statement from the National Institutes of Health, more than 65% of all microbial infections are caused by biofilms. This includes common infections such as urinary tract infections, child middle-ear infections, gingivitis, and more.

You will be so glad you bought these!

Chemical-free Cleaning That Works!
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Chemical-free Cleaning That Works!
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Chemical-free Cleaning That Works! The awesome MojaFiber multi-purpose cloth – a professional-grade microfiber cloth that actually removes bacteria

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