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New MojaFiber Bath Towels

By November 21, 2016 Uncategorized
MojaFiber Luxury Bath Towel - Pink (set of 2)

We heard you — you love the MojaFiber Face Cloths for your daily routine — what about matching towels? We delivered!

How are MojaFiber Luxury Towels different from normal high-end spa towels?

Just like our Face Cloths, MojaFiber Luxury Bath Towels are made with the highest grade microfiber on the planet. There are 1.6 million fibers per square inch and your body will be able to tell! Standard cotton towels are not nearly as soft or as absorbent. Like our other MojaFiber products, our Towels will absorb approximately 7X their weight in water. Not only that, they dry quickly with our rapid release fibers – greatly reducing any chance for mildew or mold that is inevitable in cotton towels.

Can we buy them in bundles with MojaFiber Face Cloths?

We are working on that offering. Until then, simply place an order for both and we will deliver them with Free Shipping!

How will my skin feel after using them?

Try drying half of your body with a standard cotton towel — dry the other with MojaFiber. Need we say more? You will never go back to standard cotton towels again. You are’t truly dry unless you are MojaFiber dry!

How do I keep my kids from stealing them as blankets?

Believe it or not, this will become an issue. We have a solution — buy an extra set 🙂 !

Can we use these products for our pets?

MojaFiber is made for human use. However, your best buddy, including the furry variety, will absolutely love you for helping them dry off so well!

Keep up the great suggestions for future products. We love our Moja Customers!

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