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High quality microfiber | Chemical-free cleaning

Glass and finish microfiber combo

Ultimate Glass & Finish Combo

Simply wash glass or surface with water and Glass Cloth, then wipe with Finish Cloth for ultimate streak-free finish.

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MojaFiber™ Universal (3 Pack)

MojaFiber Universal (3-pack)

Chemical-free cleaning with just water. Removes 99.9% of germs, mold & bacteria without chemicals.

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Microfiber dust mitt 2 pack

MojaFiber Dust Mitt (2-pack)

Convenient glove-like design makes it super easy to clean and dust around the house, especially in hard to reach areas.

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Microfiber face cloths

Microfiber face cloth

MojaFiber™ Face Cloth (3-pack)

Remove makeup, dirt, oil and dead skin cells without chemicals – Freshens & rejuvenates your skin with each wash.

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Premium microfiber face cloths

MojaFiber™ Premium Face Cloth (3-pack)

Remove makeup, dirt, oil and dead skin cells without chemicals – Freshens & rejuvenates your skin with each wash.

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Colette B.

If you want the best cloths to clean windows--- you have found them! My pet peeve is streaky windows. I also can't stand the smell of Windex. These products make window washing fun in a weird way!

Amazon user

I've been geeking out on skin care ingredients for a while and if I were to make my own formulation it would be exactly like this product. Just straight up critical nutrients for your skin that have a huge impact on its health.

Monique S.

My daughter has very long hair and she hates it touching her butt when it is wet. The MojaWorks hair turban is so thick and plush. Overall this is a very nice hair towel and I would recommend it!

Jodi A.

I purchased the dusting mitts and the universal towels. I received them in 2 days! Tried them all today, and WOW! I LOVE IT! I have a towel from N****x, which is twice (or more) the price, and the MojaWorks products work just as well, or better.

Jenn B.

Make up comes off easy with water! I promise you will love these. I have been removing make up for 25 years and this product is the BEST! Thanks MojaWorks!

Giving Back

MojaWorks is proud to work in partnership with to help poverty pockets around the world. A portion of every sale is donated to the cause. To date, MojaWorks and its founders have donated over $350,000 to help aid self-reliance groups throughout the world. In Uganda, where MojaWorks continues to support various projects, Moja means “one” or “together.” We believe giving back as the company succeeds is ethically required and an important tenant of our beliefs that we are all “one.” We believe that because we live together, connected in one world, we must do what we can to care for one another.

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